Aidan Strudwick performs AIDAN STRUDWICK: a somewhat-bizarre, somewhat-aggressive, and somewhat-just-not-quite-there cult figure. AIDAN STRUDWICK represents the horrors of the celebrity world presented to us in the media if these people really did walk among us.

There will be face-paint and cheap theatrics as AIDAN STRUDWICK unashamedly tears down conventions and slaughters familiar tropes from film, television, and performance; providing nothing but vacant entertainment. Working with a cast of performers, expect loud narratives utilising spectacle and brash confrontation - or maybe even the complete opposite.

Don’t get too comfortable though, celebrity is a dangerous game and has a tendency to bite back.

Performance is by no means a lonely world. AIDAN STRUDWICK can often be seen working with Kat Buchanan, Campbell McConnell, and Molejoy.

In collaboration with Alice Ashton, come to banging new DJ night SMORGASBORD. No genre off-limits (unless it's shit).

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