Aidan Strudwick is predominantly a performance artist,  performing as self-declared pop culture icon AIDAN STRUDWICK. Inspired by social-media induced narcissism, performances are often brash, loud, and confronting; audiences can expect face paint and cheap theatrics as AIDAN STRUDWICK slaughters familiar tropes from film, television and performance. Much of the work uses a rather awkward humour: mostly deliberate, sometimes unintentional, and often informed by dyspraxia intervening the performance.


Underneath this bombastic presentation, the persona interrogates the anxiety of locating and presenting queer identity in the 21st century; the conflict between our secret feelings and desires, and our socially acceptable public lives.


AIDAN STRUDWICK's flagrant storytelling raises questions concerned with validation, confrontation, and notoriety. Many performances feature participation and audience interaction, but be careful - art is a dangerous game and has a tendency to bite back.

Performance is by no means a lonely world. AIDAN STRUDWICK can often be seen working with Kat Buchanan, Campbell McConnell, and Molejoy.

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In collaboration with Alice Ashton, come to banging new DJ night SMORGASBORD. No genre off-limits (unless it's shit).

If that's not enough, see performances here, send fan mail here, or go check out insta here.

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